Fúerza Fútbol & Fitness®

Fúerza Fútbol & Fitness®


FÚERZA FÚTBOL & FITNESS®                                                                                                             

Fúerza Fútbol & Fitness® is a complete soccer training program in the Des Moines area for athletes of all ages. Our training programs cover the complete range of soccer skills, from the developing player to the highest level elite soccer player.

Our Mission is to help athletes of all ages Reach the Next Level! We can introduce your 7-year-old to his/her first sport in a fun and supportive environment, or prepare your established athlete for the upcoming club, high school, college or professional season. We are here all year in all seasons. 

We believe that continuing to train during season as well as off-season is a winning strategy; most successful athletes enlist the services of professional trainers year-round. 

Our complete training facility includes an indoor turf training field, cardio training equipment and much more. Our experienced training staff has a long history of successfully training athletes at any level.
Jamie, Tasha & our soccer children!
Jamie, Tasha & our soccer children!


We are a successful small business with NO affiliation to any club, high school or organization. Here at Fúerza Fútbol & Fitness® our main emphasis is training soccer athletes in all aspects of the sport (Pre/Post/Midseason). We focus on injury prevention, skill sets, technical development & athletic training to help our athletes perform at their full potential. We only offer training programs that we specialize in. 

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