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Individual/Small Group Soccer Training

The Individual/Small Group Soccer Training Program is designed for players 9 years and older. The individual/small group training sessions are designed to develop each player to his or her fullest individual ability. Emphasis is on development of technical skill and small group tactics. This curriculum is age appropriate and matches the abilities of the player. Player to coach ratio is 7:1.

Total Technical Development

TOTAL TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT SOCCER TRAINING & TEAM TRAINING Programs are designed for players/teams 8 years old & older. No matter what position a player plays, our Technical Development & Team Training Programs will help them to master control of the ball needed at all positions. This intense program focuses on technical skill such as; fast footwork, moves, juggling, finishing, passing & receiving. 


The F3SPEED & STRENGTH TRAINING is designed for athletes of all sports. Athletes must be 10 years old or older. This program focuses on total athleticism: resistance training, speed and agility, core stabilization, foot skills, balance training, sport specific exercises, plyometrics, functional training, and proper body mechanics.

Goalkeeper Training

The Goalkeeper Training Program is designed for players 8 years old and older. These training sessions help develop every goalkeeper to his or her fullest individual ability. The program emphasizes the development of technical, tactics, mental and physical skills. The curriculum is age appropriate and matches the abilities of the players.

Developmental Training

The Developmental Soccer Training Program is designed for players 6-8 years old who want to learn more about the game of soccer. This program is an introduction to the exciting game of soccer developing/helping each player to their full potential. Players train in a positive environment that encourages learning through fun games. The program is designed to improve balance, coordination, rhythm, and tempo. 

Shooting & Goal Scoring

The Shooting & Goal Scoring Training Program focuses on the technical skills required to be a great goal scorer. It is designed to improve players finishing ability in all types of different situations. Our Shooting & Goal Scoring program is not just for strikers, but for all players that want to improve their ability to score goals. Our training sessions focus on different aspects of shooting and finishing, with players being challenged in different situations inside and around the penalty area. 



To get your team, group, and/or club signed up, please contact fuerzafutbol.jamie@gmail.com to secure dates. 

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